Count on Tire Service From Kia

Your car's tires affect your vehicle's overall performance and safety, making them a critical part of routine maintenance. Check your tires often, and have them rotated whenever you bring your vehicle in for service.

Remember, tires need to be rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles to promote even wear. Most tires last about 5 years depending on your driving habits. If you notice any of these problems, you likely need tire service soon:

  • Worn out treads
  • Bulging tires
  • Cracks or blistering in the tire walls
  • Vibration and/or shaking when braking

Our service department is adept in all forms of tire maintenance, and we can also help you find replacement tires that fit your vehicle. If you have questions about our services, or if you're looking to make an appointment, give us a call.